We do it all rapir, install and customized

Does your garage door broke and now you have problems to open it or close it? Do you have a very old garage door that you would like to replace? Would you like to improve the looks of your house by changing the garage door? Are you concerned about how safe is your garage door? You don’t like your garage door anymore?

Call Lopez Garage Door Service!

We are here to help you regardless of what your needs are.

Our services include:

Garage door repair

If your garage door is not working, call us. Don’t put yourself, or your family, at risk by trying to do the repair yourself or by hiring people who lack the necessary skills to do the job. It can cost you more time and money than what you think.
At Lopez Garage Door Service, we have vast experience at garage door repairs. We will make sure your garage door is functioning properly again. Our reputation rests on a job done well, with a history of customer satisfaction.

Garage door installation

At Lopez Garage Door Service, we work directly with you, the customer. We are able to save you money on the cost of your new door. We only install doors of a better quality material than most competitors. Our new garage door installations are backed up with a one year guarantee. Not only that, we also offer a discount on jobs requiring two or more garage doors. You can rest assured that Lopez Garage Door Service will provide you a quality service, insured and licensed

Custom garage doors

If you need a customized garage door, in addition to a garage door installation, we can also help you! Tell us what you need and will give you different garage door options.